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30 de Abril, 2021

AJNET makes a 1 million euro investment

AJNET, an innovative and progressive company, recently announced a €1 million investment in the acquisition of the Jet Press B2 machine. The high-quality B2 sheet-fed digital inkjet printer aims to compete with offset, with a production speed of up to 2700 B2 sheets per hour. With this new acquisition, AJNET aims to meet the needs of various companies in the graphic sector.

Jet Press B2. A impressora a jato de tinta digital com alimentação de folha B2 de qualidade altíssima promete fazer frente ao offset, com uma velocidade de produção de até 2700 folhas B2 por hora.

The digital inkjet printer is second-generation and offers many advantages to professionals in the graphic industry. With the Jet Press B2, AJNET positions itself as a reliable partner for project development professionally, quickly, and with maximum quality, without the need for investments from clients. Additionally, with a prominent “PROFESSIONALS” area on its website, AJNET allows clients to order prints without leaving their workplaces.

The Jet Press B2 is a major breakthrough in the graphic industry and revolutionizes how companies handle printing. The machine is already installed and fully operational, offering advantages for graphic sector companies seeking print quality in small print runs at more advantageous prices.

AJNET’s investment translates into a response to market needs, seeking print quality with speed and efficiency. AJNET’s Jet Press B2 promises to meet these needs and provide customers with the quality they expect without the need for large investments.

Now, with the Jet Press B2, AJNET is one of the few companies in the market that can provide quality prints with the highest efficiency and speed. This allows companies to reduce costs and production time while maintaining print quality.

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